The momentum is on the other side

While polls continue to return encouraging results, suggesting that Americans who want unlimited or second- and third-trimester abortion remain in the minority, that is not what we want you to read here. Instead, focus on the broiling undercurrent of a new national sentiment.

“The White House and Congressional Democrats continue to push the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, which would enshrine unlimited abortion in the federal law and strike down state-level protections for unborn children and their mothers, including parental involvement and informed consent laws …” 1

“We must learn the lesson of Ohio’s vote last month on a constitutional amendment to impose unlimited abortion on that previously pro-life state. Tragically, the abortion industry prevailed, 57% to 43% … In those final two weeks before the election, the pro-abortion side spent more than four million dollars on a nonstop media campaign focused on rape and incest. On Election Day, following the rape and incest barrage, the undecided vote broke 95%-5% in favor of abortion.” 2

“Yet today you can again hear the glee in the voices of pro-abortion announcers and read it from the pens of the of the pro-abortion press as they declare that the pro-life side and unborn babies have lost. Why? Because of an unbroken string of post-Dobbs pro-life defeats in ballot initiatives.

“In each case the pro-life side was vastly outspent, usually by a margin of three to one or more, and faced the unanimous opposition of all outlets of the legacy press which parroted the talking points, outright lies, and deceptive ballot language of abortion advocates …

“… While the goal of these initiatives is really unlimited abortion at any time for any reason, that won’t be the debate. Rather, the pro-abortion side knows that if the public is convinced that women’s lives or health are threatened without the initiative’s passage, or that there will be no allowance for rape or incest, then they are on their way to victory.

“… if those in the middle are faced with choosing between unlimited abortion or risking that women won’t be able to get necessary health care, or abortion in the horrible case of rape or incest, they will choose the former. Especially since the advertising and media message will focus on those circumstances.” 3

“Over 100 leading pro-abortion organizations released an abortion wish list for the Biden-Harris administration.

“… Abortion friendly states have advertised for abortion tourism. Abortion giants like Planned Parenthood have set up mobile clinics and built giant mega-clinics just across state lines to pick up customers from nearby states which have protections in place for unborn children and their mothers.” 4

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