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Ninth Circuit, in 7-4 Decision, Lets Stand President Trump’s Reinstatement of Title X Funding Rule

Jul 11, 2019 | 2019 Press Releases, Abortion, Press Releases

WASHINGTON — In a 7-4 decision, the 9th Circuit Court today let stand its June 20th decision to lift injunctions that would bar enforcement of the Trump Administration’s reinstatement of Title X funding rules. The rules would prevent federal grants from being used by facilities performing, or referring for, abortions.

“National Right to Life praises the Ninth Circuit for its decision,” stated National Right to Life President Carol Tobias. “We thank President Trump for his continued leadership in protecting the most vulnerable among us.”

Prior to President Trump re-establishing the Protect Life Rule, existing Title X regulations blurred the line between abortion and family planning. Today’s decision abides by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that upheld the original rule.

“Abortion is not family planning” stated Tobias. “This rule draws a bright line between family planning and abortion.”

Under the Protect Life Rule, abortion facilities may not be in the same location where family planning services are delivered. The rule also states that Title X grantees may not refer for elective abortion. The rule does not cut one dime of funding for family planning, but ensures that funding goes to health facilities that do not perform, or refer for, abortion as family planning. Under the Obama Administration policy, Title X consistently provided funding to facilities that performed, or referred for, abortions.

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