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Good News from Richmond!

Mar 6, 2024

By Virginia Society for Human Life

It’s been a very rough General Assembly session to be sure, but today it is wonderful to have some very good news to share!

SB 280, the Assisted Suicide bill, was presented in the House Courts Committee yesterday and the Committee voted to carry the bill over to 2025, which means it has been stopped this session. It is very likely that the same members who brought the bill this year will bring it again next year but for now we can be glad.

Your messages and comments played a critical part in this process. Don’t stop now. We must continue to help our friends and family members understand the great danger that assisted suicide will be if it ever does pass and become law in Virginia. Just like the forces that push unlimited abortion, suicide groups will not stop until they get what they want.

For today, many thanks to those of you who sent emails to your legislators, wrote comments to the House and Senate committees, and shared the VSHL alerts with others.

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