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National Right to Life Commends Senate Republicans for Advancing Judge Amy Coney Barrett Nomination to U.S. Senate Floor

Oct 22, 2020 | 2020 Press Releases, Press Releases, Press Room

WASHINGTON — The Senate Judiciary Committee today voted 12-0 to favorably advance the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to become an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The full Senate is expected to confirm Barrett early next week.

Carol Tobias, president of National Right Life, commented: “National Right to Life commends Chairman Lindsey Graham and his colleagues for moving Judge Amy Coney Barrett another step towards a seat on the Supreme Court. She is an exceptionally well-qualified advocate of judicial restraint, as well as being a person of the highest ethical standards. Under the able leadership of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, we expect the full Senate to confirm Judge Barrett within days, which is possible only because Senate Republicans hold a narrow majority.”

Some Barrett opponents have objected to Senate action on the Barrett nomination because “millions of Americans have already voted” in advance of the November 3 general election. NRL Senior Policy Advisor Douglas Johnson commented: “Citizens who have voted or who will vote are deciding who will hold office beginning in 2021. President Trump’s current term runs to January 20, 2021. About 125 million Americans voted for U.S. senators who are currently in office– they were elected to represent their constituents at least until January 3, 2021, and most for years longer. The President and the senators were elected to perform their constitutional functions for the full duration of their terms, and they are properly doing exactly that.”

Johnson said that today’s Senate Judiciary Committee proceeding, notwithstanding a boycott by Democratic senators, was consistent with long-established practice under Senate Standing Rule 26, and with a motion adopted 12-10 at an October 15 meeting of the committee.

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