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National Right to Life Congratulates Congressman Steve Scalise on His Nomination for Speaker of the House

Oct 11, 2023 | 2023 Press Releases, Press Releases, Press Room

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.) was nominated for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“National Right to Life congratulates Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.) on his nomination,” stated Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “Congressman Scalise’s leadership in the House has shown his commitment to the right to life and he has made it clear that advancing the right to life and protecting women and their unborn children will be a priority in Congress.”

In addition to Congressman Scalise, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was willing to serve as Speaker of the House.

“We also thank Congressman Jim Jordan for his commitment to the right to life and his work to bring together the GOP Conference,” said Tobias.

Congressman Scalise has a 100% pro-life voting record. It stands in sharp contrast to the extremism of President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and pro-abortion Democrats in Congress who have reversed protective pro-life policies and have worked to make unlimited abortion through all nine months of pregnancy the law of the land.

Tobias stated, “We urge the GOP Conference to unite behind Congressman Scalise and to elect him as the next Speaker of the House.”

Congressman Scalise has never wavered in his long-standing commitment to the right to life and the role the federal government has on the abortion issue.

“We congratulate Congressman Scalise on his nomination to Speaker of the House,” said Ben Clapper, executive director of Louisiana Right to Life. “Congressman Scalise has been a strong ally of the pro-life movement and Louisiana Right to Life since before he was even elected to the Louisiana State Senate. Republicans can trust that Congressman Scalise will be a proudly pro-life Speaker of the House who will protect babies and help moms.”

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