Hyde Amendment

About The Hyde Amendment

National Right to Life believes this life-saving policy introduced by Congressman Henry Hyde is the greatest domestic abortion-reduction measure ever enacted by Congress. It is estimated more than 2 million lives have been saved by the amendment since it was first instituted in 1976.

Most Americans remain consistently opposed to taxpayer funding for abortion—58%, according to a January 2021 Marist Poll. Abundant empirical evidence suggests that where government funding for abortion is not available under Medicaid or the state equivalent program, at least one-fourth of Medicaid-eligible women, who would otherwise procure federally funded abortions, carry their babies to term.

Throughout his more than three decades in Congress, Henry Hyde was a leader for the pro-life movement and used his position as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and later the House International Relations Committee, to advance the pro-life cause.

Congressman Hyde’s efforts to save the most defenseless among us, victories, leadership and friendship are deeply appreciated by National Right to Life and by pro-life citizens across this nation.

Henry Hyde addresses the 1987 National Right to Life Convention

Under new attack by the Biden administration.

The Hyde Amendment has been renewed, with few changes, each appropriations cycle for over 40 years. The Amendment, and similar provisions, have enjoyed bipartisan support over the years and have been supported by Congresses controlled by both parties as well as presidents from both parties. The presidency of Joe Biden marks one of the sharpest departures from the long-standing principle that tax dollars should not fund abortion. The Biden Administration has taken numerous aggressive steps to circumvent clear Congressional intent to prohibit taxpayer funded abortion.

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