Post-Roe America

The deep pockets of the abortion industry—with the help of the mainstream media—have created an environment of fear. Much of their focus has been on portraying even late-in-pregnancy abortions as so-called healthcare and ignoring the existence of the preborn child.

At the same time, those who hold the pro-life position are framed as lacking compassion and charged with destroying decades of progress on women’s rights.

It is well known that culture is upstream from governance and many of those holding influence in our society (the press, academia, and medical/professional organizations) are sympathetic to the abortion industry. Now more than ever, our collective educational efforts—National Right to Life along with our state affiliates and chapters—are critical to pushing back against the fearmongering and deliberate mistruths spread by the abortion industry.

“Undeniably, the overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2022 is our movement’s single biggest legal victory to date. The Dobbs v. Jackson decision by the U.S. Supreme Court righted a fundamental wrong that led to the death of millions of innocent children and wounded an untold number of women and men. 

“As has been the case with any human rights struggle in our nation’s history, once a key destination has been reached, more challenging journeys lie ahead. In the months since Dobbs was released, the abortion industry and the vast media infrastructure have stoked the fears of our society to levels never seen before. Much of their focus has been to deceptively portray even the most extreme abortions as ‘access to healthcare’ and subsequently work to scare young people away from the pro-life movement. The effects have been felt in national sentiments, state-by-state ballot initiatives and throughout Congress. 

“The legal and public opinion landscape in post-Roe America is complex. While we can’t take the same path that brought us to where we are today, we will work tirelessly to save countless lives on the road ahead.”



Carol Tobias, President
National Right to Life Committee