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It is our highest priority to remain a trusted resource and source for the most current and relevant pro-life news and information. Whether you are a student, state or chapter partner, friend of NRLC, journalist or advocate, we offer multiple avenues to learn more about protecting and defending life.

NRLC In The News

This feed delivers all news—posts, videos, newspaper articles, television interviews and reports, etc.—related to pro-life issues or where we are mentioned, interviewed or quoted.

Press Releases

We remain the central media clearinghouse of all critical pro-life news, from federal and state legislative affairs, legislation and court battles to groundbreaking news, special reports and more.

NRL News Today

Remain current to the day on pro-life issues, research, the latest polls, people of influence, legislative affairs and events and activities occurring across our nation.

NRL News Monthly

Our monthly news magazine gives readers a comprehensive look at what is happening across the various departments of National Right to Life and in the marketplace of ideas. It unpacks hotbed topics, educates, informs, and uplifts readers with personal testimonials, state victories and profiles on the people and organizations making a difference in the fight for life.

Chapter News

This feed educates and informs members of National Right to Life’s 3,000+ chapters across the U.S. about the most pressing pro-life issues and events. More personally, it engages the reader about what’s happening at the community level in affiliate states across the country. And most important, it offers encouragement and avenues for getting more involved.

Pro-Life Perspective

NRLC’s daily radio broadcast is carried by stations across the U.S. Its host, NRLC President Carol Tobias, delivers the facts, interprets the tipping-point news around us, and provides important context for the national and state-by-state battle for life that has become fever-pitched in our country.