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What Are You Doing after the NRL Convention?

Feb 27, 2011 | 02-February 2011 NRL News

NRL News
Page 9
February 2011
Volume 38
Issue 2


What Are You Doing after the NRL Convention?

By Darlene Hart

Last month in NRL News, we talked about what you could do after the June 23–25 National Right to Life Convention that is located within an hour of the Convention site in Jacksonville, Florida. Maybe you have a few more days and want to continue your visit in the Sunshine State.

About two hours away is Daytona Beach. Of course there are beaches. Maybe you can catch a wave and enjoy the surf. If you liked the lighthouse in St. Augustine, then you may want to visit the tallest lighthouse in Florida. It’s right there in Daytona Beach.

Are you a NASCAR fan? Well then, you’ll have to stop by Daytona’s International Speedway for the Daytona 500 Experience!

Not too far from Daytona is Cape Canaveral, home of the Kennedy Space Center. There is so much to see that your admission ticket is good for not one but two whole days! There are space films to see at the IMAX, the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, and interactive spaceflight simulators just to name a few of the activities. Daytona and Cape Canaveral are far enough away that you’ll want to pack your suitcase and leave Jacksonville to stay closer to Daytona or the Cape or somewhere in between.

You can also go down to the port and wave good bye to the cruise ships. (Or maybe even plan a cruise yourself!!) If you like to just drive along the ocean, then instead of taking I-95 drive along A1A. It will take you longer but the view is much better!

There is so much to do in Florida!! So start planning now.

Attend the Convention from June 23–25 in beautiful downtown Jacksonville (our hotel is right on the St. John’s River) and then finish out the month in St. Augustine or venture further down state to Daytona Beach and/or Cape Canaveral. It will be a convention you will never forget!! Next time we will talk about what’s to see in Central Florida.