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Oct 15, 2012 | 04-Fall 2012 NRL News

NRL News
Page 13
Fall 2012
Volume 39
Issue 4

NRL News Today News Today: Needed Now, more than ever
Your Daily Online One-Stop “Pro-Life Newspaper of Record”

By Dave Andrusko

By now, most of our 361,000+ National Right to Life News readers know that we have a daily online newspaper that we send out electronically Monday through Saturday. NRL News Today fills the gap between issues of NRL News and now as we approach the November 6 election, you need to be receiving this rich, informative source of information, more than ever.

It is very, very simple to sign up: just go to plug in your email address and 20 seconds later you’re part of the NRL News Today family.

Note: it’s just all the information you will receive. It’s that you can forward any or all of the stories using your Facebook or Twitter accounts, multiplying the impact to the benefit of unborn babies and the medically dependent.

As we approach the eleventh hour before the nation chooses its next President, you want to know the absolutist latest about what you can do to help.

For your information, on a regular day, NRL News Today covers everything from the latest polling data, to state legislation, new books, the Obama administration’s latest assault on religious freedoms, the euthanasia movement’s campaignn to legalized physician-directed suicide, adult stem cells, and stories from around the world.

Be sure up to have NRL News Today sent to your inbox Monday through Saturday– And be sure to alert all your pro-life family and friend through your social networks.