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National Right to Life Victory Fund says: There are at least 54 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama

Jul 27, 2012 | 03-Summer 2012 NRL News

NRL News
Page 5
Summer 2012
Volume 39
Issue 3

National Right to Life Victory Fund says:
There are at least 54 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama

By Carol Tobias

How many ways does Barack Obama support abortion? Let me count the ways.

Recently, the National Right to Life Victory Fund embarked on a project to publish 54 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama. Each week, we’re adding one or two toward a list of 54 pro-life reasons as a way to commemorate the 54 million unborn babies who have died in the U.S. because of the kinds of abortion policies Obama supports.

Some people have asked us, “Can you really come up with 54 reasons between now and election day?

Tragically, we can.

During this campaign season alone, Obama may well say or do that many things that strike at the right to life of unborn babies. During the 2008 campaign and the lead up to it, Obama famously made a number of extreme or shocking comments about abortion. He did so in town hall meetings, in a religious forum, to a Planned Parenthood meeting, and on his campaign website.

Most of the babies lost under his watch would be one- to three-year-old little boys and girls now. The enormity of this loss just screams out for us to do something.

What you can do to help defeat Barack Obama

The most knowledgeable pundits across the political spectrum say this is going to be an extremely close election. In a race this close, everybody can make a difference between now and November 6th.

The single biggest influence on how people vote is what they hear about issues and candidates from people they know and trust. What they hear from friends and acquaintances is more likely to influence them than any single ad or mailing or phone call from a stranger.

That means you can have an enormous impact on how your friends and acquaintances vote by talking with friends, family, co-workers and fellow members of groups you are involved with.

You can also sign up to begin receiving the 54 Reasons e-mails at National Right to Life Victory Fund’s web page at and then forward them to friends, post them on Facebook, etc.

Barack Obama truly is the most extreme president we’ve ever had on the issue of abortion. He has been open in his support for several forms of late abortion, despite the fact that the overwhelming evidence that these unborn babies can feel pain makes this a human rights crisis of the highest order.

Every compassionate human being should want to vote to end abuses like unborn pain and late abortions. You can help us reach more voters by making a donation to the NRL Victory Fund at You can also help by sharing with friends and colleagues the facts about what Obama is doing to unborn children and why that makes him unsuited to serve as the leader of a compassionate people.

The National Right to Life Victory Fund will get this information to the American people, but we need your help. Please share the facts and the need with your friends and together, we will end the tragedy that’s occurring to so many innocent unborn babies because of this pro-abortion Administration.

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