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Thank you for your gift to National Right to Life

Nov 29, 2017 | nrlc

Thank you for your contribution. These are important times for the lives of unborn children.

Your donation to National Right to Life is already being put to work to strengthen our grassroots campaign to educate the public on the tragedy of abortion, to pass pro-life laws such as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that has been passed in 16 states, and to work to pass pro-life legislation on the federal level.

Your gift to National Right to Life also allows us to work closely with our grassroots network of 50 state affiliates and 3,000 local right to life chapters to reach hundreds of thousands more loyal pro-lifers who want to protect life.

We are working everyday to protect unborn children from the tragedy of abortion, and we will continue to devote our efforts and resources into protecting every child we possibly can.

For your important support of this life-saving work, I thank you. I whole-heartedly welcome you as a valued member of the most important movement of our time – the movement to save the lives of innocent unborn babies.


Carol Tobias, President

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