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Pro-life Bills Pass Kansas House with Huge Margins

by | Feb 25, 2011

Editor’s note. The following good news is excerpted from a press release from Kansans for Life.

Earlier today, the Kansas House passed two important pro-life bills, authored by Rep. Lance Kinzer (R). Several hostile amendments were soundly rebuffed. The victories would have been greater had three pro-life supporters not been unavoidably absent.

The first bill, HB 2035, the Abortion Reporting Accuracy & Parental Rights Act, passed 96-25. It strengthens parental involvement for pregnant minors, improves judicial bypass protocol, acknowledges that abortion will terminate the life of a separate, whole, unique living human being, and includes provisions preventing abortion fraud.

The second bill, HB 2218, the Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act, capably handled by Rep. Joe Patton, passed 91-30. It is landmark legislation, already law in Nebraska, banning abortion after 22 weeks gestation (20 weeks post-conception) due to the unborn child’s pain capability. [For more about what science has shown about this subject, go to].

“We are ecstatic that the House has acted to pass these bills, which will insure that the abortion reporting fraud of the past decade is never repeated, will eliminate any rubber-stamp judicial approval of abortion for pregnant teens, and will bring updated medical evidence to bear in treating abortion as a barbaric, unacceptable act,” said Kansans for Life Legislative Director Kathy Ostrowski.

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