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Abortionist Kermit Gosnell : “Why complaints about abortion doctor went nowhere”

by | Mar 23, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Quite by coincidence, yesterday’s excerpts from the grand jury report that documented the behavior of accused murderer, abortionist Kermit Gosnell that  ran in National Right to Life News Today did so the same day the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a story headlined, “’Complete regulatory collapse’: Why complaints about abortion doctor went nowhere” (

The woman discussed in the excerpt is evidently the same woman whose case the Inquirer used to begin its account. Her near-death in 2005 “provides a window into the state’s system to discipline doctors, one that relies heavily on physician self-reporting and state investigators whose effectiveness has been questioned. It’s a system that patient-safety advocates and a leading ethicist say is broken.”

It’s important that you take the five minutes to read the full Inquirer story, so let me make two quick points.

First, while on March 1 Department of State chief counsel Steven Turner told the state Senate’s Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee that he’d taken up the mantra “Never another Gosnell,” there are other state regulatory personnel hammered in the grand jury report who have a much different attitude. One told the Inquirer’s Chelsea Conaboy that there was “nothing extraordinary” about the Gosnell cases.

This about a man charged with eight counts of murder, who the grand jury report said undoubtedly killed many other viable babies after he aborted them alive but whose medical records could not be found.

Second, and in the same vein, federal drug authorities raided Gosnell’s clinic in 2010. “An investigator at the department discovered that Gosnell had no malpractice insurance from July 2004 to mid-April 2005,” the Inquirer reported.

But “Turner, in his Senate testimony, disputed that,” according to Conaboy.  “There was ‘divergent information’ showing Gosnell might have been covered all along, he said. He didn’t explain, and Kelley [Roberts], the governor’s spokeswoman, declined to clarify.”

Not just Pennsylvanians but all Americans must be sure that abortion clinics in their areas are routinely inspected and scrutinized in detail.

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