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Adult Stem Cells Heal Burns, Hearts

by | Mar 3, 2011

By David Prentice

Editor’s note. This appears on Dr. Prentice’s excellent blog at There are embedded videos which absolutely fascinating.

Dr. Amit Patel at the University of Utah is using the patient’s own adult stem cells to help heal heart damage, and also to repair skin wounds and burns. Patel has treated numerous patients for heart damage using adult stem cells, including developing many of the techniques now used around the world. Now he and his colleagues are using adult stem cells to heal serious burns. The adult stem cell technique takes only about 15 minutes, spraying on a “biological jello” that is a concentrated solution of cells and platelets combined with calcium and thrombin. The procedure is similar to the “skin gun,” which also sprays on a solution of the patient’s adult stem cells.

adult-stem-cells-heal-burns-heartsThis news video shows the application for one of the patients.

Dr. Patel discusses the use of adult stem cells for treatments in this video.

Adult stem cells are providing real science and real healing for real patients, right now.

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