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How Can an Abortionist Like Steven Brigham Still be in Business?

by | Mar 31, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Steven Brigham

Pro-lifers have long talked of the ‘abortion distortion,’ the simple truth that whenever abortion is part of the discussion, it is almost impossible to get a straight, let alone accurate assessment. An obvious example is that to this day it is not uncommon for poll questions to suggest (if no longer actually state) that abortion is legal only in the first three months.

Right at the top of the list of abortion distortions is the myth that abortion clinics are so safe state regulations would be redundant. Okay, maybe a nip here and a tuck there, but otherwise the face of Abortion America is smooth as the bottom of the babies they are slaughtering.

Then enter abortionist Kermit Gosnell, and eight murder counts later the happy face PPFA and its associates like to put on is sinking into frowns. Part of the fallout to Gosnell’s literally unbelievably vile behavior is that clinic regulations measures have been proposed in several states.

But it’s been a tough go for the same reason Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society abortion clinic was not inspected for over a decade: a combination of bureaucratic inertia and fear that actually expecting decent clinic conditions might “interfere” with women obtaining abortions.

A cover story in today’s Philadelphia City Paper is headlined, “Still in Business” ( Only Holly Otterbein is not writing about Kermit Gosnell but abortionist Steven Brigham.

We’ve written about Brigham over the years. He’s been sued and sued and sued. As Otterbein explains Brigham opened one of his first abortion clinics in 1992 and “Almost immediately, Brigham came under fire by state [Pennsylvania] officials.” Indeed, in his nearly twenty-year-long career as an abortionist, “Brigham has now had his license pulled, suspended or relinquished in a total of five states.”

Read her account, bearing in mind that she is carrying a lot of water for the abortion industry. You come away thinking that the real heroes are other abortion clinics and their owners who (as the subtitle suggests)”warned the state for years about Steven Brigham’s abortion clinics.”

Let me make one point because I really do want you to read about the seamiest underbelly of an already seamy industry. There is such a lackluster attitude that last year when Brigham was ordered by the Pennsylvania Department of Health not to have a “controlling ownership” or “equity interest” in any abortion clinic in the state,” he simply transferred ownership of two clinics to Rose Health Services Co., which, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported last month, is owned by…. Brigham’s mother!

Please be sure to read the latest excerpts from the Grand Jury that investigated Kermit Gosnell. Rest assured, unfortunately, that Gosnell and Brigham are not the only two of their ilk.

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