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States Moving Ahead on Pro-Life Legislation

by | Mar 23, 2011

In Kansas, pro-lifers overcame maneuvers by opponents, which allowed the Senate Judiciary Committee to  vote to send two pro-life bills to the floor. According to Kansans for Life, the state affiliate of National Right to Life, the first bill was HB 2035, the Late-Term Reporting Accuracy and Parental Rights Act. This bill would (1) curb inauthentic reporting by abortionists, (2)  strengthen the parental involvement law by changing it from notice by mail to signed consent, and (3) and require parental waiver protocols by the courts to provide minors with better assessment and also strengthen sexual abuse reporting.

The second bill sent to the Senate floor was HB 2218, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after 22 weeks gestation (20 weeks post-fertilization). Research clearly shows that unborn children are capable of feeling pain by that point. The bill had passed 91-30 in the House, but faced determined efforts by Senate opponents to dilute HB 2218.

Meanwhile, Arizona is poised to make history.

The Arizona state Senate has passed a bill that would ban abortions done for the purposes of sex selection or race, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper. The House already has passed House Bill 2443, but the legislation comes from the Senate with stricter penalties for abortionists performing such abortions so it will go back to the House for a final vote. The legislation will then head to the desk of Republican Governor Jan Brewer. 

“This legislation really is needed,” said Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix. “Sex-selection abortions are happening in this country, and it is time we address it head-on,” the Arizona Republic reported. If signed into the law, the measure would be the first of its kind in the nation.

Last year the Florida legislature passed an ultrasound bill, which was derailed by pro-abortion Gov. Charlie Crist, since replaced by pro-life Gov. Rick Scott. Today a similar measure passed the House Health and Human Services committee, according to the St. Petersburg Times. State Sen. Ronda Storms (R) has sponsored a companion bill in the Senate.

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