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“What’s Behind the Surge of Abortion Bills?”

by | Mar 24, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

So asks TIME magazine’s Katy Steinmetz today. In “More  States Aggressively Moving Pro-Life Legislation,” we’ll update you about the latest progress in the states, but, first, what does explain the surge of pro-life legislation all over the country?

Steinmetz offers a “perfect storm” political climate. I agree with her trio of developments, with some modifications, and would make two additions.

They are what she calls “droves of social conservatives” recently elected to office, “angst over health care reform,” and the fallout when Live Action covertly videotaped various PPFA clinics.

To amplify a bit, those delightful election results not only added a gazillion pro-life state legislatures, November 2nd added significantly to the total of pro-life governors. If you’ve ever worked a statehouse, you know what a blessing it is to know that all your hard work in persuading the house and senate to pass your bills will be capped off by a supportive governor. And although there is no way to quantify the interaction, the extraordinary gains made in the United States House and Senate no doubt boosted morale at the state level.

“Angst over health care reform”? This suggests a kind of free-floating, almost directionless (if not purpose-less) response. In fact, people know exactly what they don’t like about ObamaCare.

They don’t like that the “Affordable Care Act” was muscled through;  that it will cost two arms, two legs, and half a torso; is guaranteed to produce the rationing of medical care; and is an enormous gift to the Abortion Industry which has already received billions of governmental dollars in grants and contracts.

We’ve written many times about the work of the pro-life organization Live Action in exposing PPFA. Last month when the House voted to cut off funding to PPFA and 102 affiliates, NRLC noted, “Recent media reports regarding abuses associated with PPFA-affiliated clinics in multiple states provide additional justifications for the amendment. The allegations regarding abuses, uncovered by independent journalists posing as sex traffickers, have received substantial coverage in mainstream news media in recent weeks, including in the New York Times.”

But, does that exhaust the explanations? Let me add two more.

First, there is a reason for this sophisticated, well-constructed legislative strategy: NRLC’s Department of State Legislation, headed by Mary Spaulding Balch, JD. The pro-abortionists can’t say we hid our agenda. NRLC held a state strategy session and broadcast what our key agenda items would be. (See NRLC is suggesting to the Supreme Court that enfolded within its abortion jurisprudence are principles with which the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is in complete harmony.

Second, there wouldn’t be what the Guttmacher Institute calls “just this total onslaught” if initiatives, such as requiring ultrasounds before women abort and putting an end to aborting babies capable of experiencing pain, were not hitting a responsive chord. And a time when we know that an abortionist is facing eight murder counts, it’s not surprising that states are demanding that abortion clinics finally be regulated.

I would add that newer proposals that ban abortions based on the child’s race or gender resonate in a deep and profound manner. The simple fact is that the same ultrasound technology that humanizes the unborn passenger also reveals that she is a girl. And it is not only China and other far Eastern nations that abort a child simply because she is a girl. We commit that atrocity here, as well.

Likewise, the African-American community is gradually coming to realize that the womb IS the most dangerous place for Black children.  What a shock it was—as the Chiaroscuro Foundation explains—when New Yorkers found that in 2009almost exactly 60% of African-American babies were aborted (

Yes, there is a deluge of pro-life legislation. And with good cause.

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