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Your Voice Needed In Support of H.R. 452 to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board

by | Mar 10, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Earlier this week we ran a very important story written by Burke Balch, J.D., that appears on page one of the February issue of National Right to Life News. “House Lays Groundwork for Repeal of Obama Health Care Rationing” can be read in its entirety—along with the Action Alert—at

I want to offer a quick synopsis to whet your appetite for this truly excellent piece.

The House of Representatives has done yeoman work in tackling the rationing components of ObamaCare. Mr. Balch, the Director of NRLC’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics, summarized a series of amendments thusly: “These amendments represented efforts to find various ingenious ways to employ the power of the purse to defund ObamaCare, and to improve the bargaining position of the House with the Senate and the Administration in negotiations over the government funding bill.”

He then helps the reader understand how ObamaCare  “threatens the lives of the vulnerable born, especially senior citizens and those with disabilities.” Mr. Balch lays out four components:

·        An “Independent Payment Advisory Board” to make recommendations to limit what Americans are allowed to spend on their health care so that it cannot keep up with medical inflation

·        Rationing for Senior Citizens

·        Rationing by the state-based health insurance Exchanges

·        Persuading Patients They’re Better Off without Treatment

Mr. Balch’s call to arms concludes by asking readers to “urge your representative to vote to support H.R. 452 to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board in the Obama Health Care Law and to speak out in debate about its rationing! “

The Action Alert ends with easy to understand instructions for how the reader can contact his or her member of the House.

Again, please take a few minutes to read the full story at

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