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“Baby Joseph”: A Lovely Video

by | Apr 14, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

A quick update on “Baby Joseph” Maraachli, the critically ill infant who was at the center an intense legal battle sparked by the decision of physicians at London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario, to ignore the parents’  wishes for a tracheotomy to make it possible to take their child home to be with his family for whatever time he had left.

According to published accounts, his doctors in Canada planned to remove him from life support machines, but Baby Joseph was transferred to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri, where he received the tracheotomy to connect him to a portable breathing machine.

If you go to, Br. Paul O’Donnell has posted a lovely video which shows Br. Paul holding the 14-month-old boy and singing to him. You can also read the many responses to this tender display of affection and concern.

According to the latest story from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Baby Joseph remains “in good condition” three weeks after the March 21 surgery. Initially doctors said Baby Joseph would be transferred to Ranken Jordan pediatric hospital before going home to Canada, probably within 7 to ten days.

“A spokeswoman for Cardinal Glennon said Joseph is in good condition and that the extended hospitalization is not because of any surgical complications.”

For more background on Baby Joseph, go to

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