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Be Very Careful What You Believe as Battle Grows More Heated

by | Apr 5, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

This will be short and sweet. It refers to one aspect of one dimension of one issue we are concerned with, but it illustrates a much larger—indeed endemic—problem.

Yesterday on the blog was a story headlined, “The Hill: Never mind about that momentum story.” The Hill refers to a well-read newspaper in Washington, DC.

The writer’s point was simple. Last Saturday, “The Hill reported that momentum in the budget battle had shifted to the Democrats, in an odd and thinly-sourced story.” And, indeed, there was little actual evidence for the claim other than the assertions of two “political experts.”

So, what happened two days later? The paper wrote about the results from a poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research —you know, like real numbers.

A new poll conducted for The Hill showed 41 percent polled said the GOP had been “more reasonable,” while 29 percent said Democrats had been more sensible. Twenty-two percent said neither party was more reasonable than the other, and 7 percent were not sure.

Obviously, this does not directly speak to our issue, but it does tell us that as we wage the fight over pro-life measures, it’s important not to succumb to planted stories about this or that development.

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