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Getting Closer to Abortion-Vulnerable Women

by | Apr 5, 2011


By Jonathan Rogers
Field Coordinator, National Right to Life

This is one of those stories that reminds you of what incredible work goes on every day in the pro-life movement and hardly ever gets reported on. With the assistance of local pro-lifers, a new Birth Choice Center has been opened up in Independence Township, Michigan, in the very same building as the local abortion clinic which has been the scene of local ongoing prayer vigils for some time.

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Birth Choice board member Kathleen Schupbach said: “We’re in the same building as the abortion clinic, and we’re here to give the women alternatives because we feel they are not getting the alternatives there.

“People have a misconception that a lot of pro-lifers just tell the women to have their babies and don’t do anything to help them. But we do. We help them with the material resources, we help them with adoption referrals, we help them with abstinence counseling, STD counseling, whatever their needs are.”

Besides confidential counseling, free infant supplies and adoption referrals, Birth Choice offers free pregnancy tests, childbirth and parenting information and post abortion support. In the next few months, Schupbach said they will also be offering free ultrasounds, and, until then, they will be referring expectant mothers to clinics with free ultrasounds.

“We’re just showing them a picture of their baby. We’re not telling them if anything is wrong,” said Schupbach. “When they see a picture of the baby, they realize it’s a baby.”

Executive Director of Birth Choice Brenda Savage, who has a background in health service administration, legislation and politics, said she is very pleased with how quickly the center has grown and by the support of the Independence Township community.

“So many women feel helpless and hopeless. They don’t realize that it’s only right here around the corner, and that they’re not coming here to be judged. They’re coming here to be loved. In doing that, we want to share with these women that they are important, and if they understand that we care about them, it will be easier for them to care about their baby,” said Savage

Go read the entire article, and share this story. The work of thousands of people just like the volunteers at this Birth Choice Center saves untold lives every day, and helps women facing a crisis pregnancy with counseling and material support.

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