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Nitschke euthanasia clinic in South Australia – may kill the euthanasia bill

by | Apr 1, 2011

Editor’s note. The following appears on the blog of Posted by Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, at

Philip Nitschke

Philip Nitschke, Australia’s Dr. Death, announced a few days ago that he was looking for a location to open a Killing clinic in Adelaide South Australia. South Australia is currently debating a bill that would legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide for people with chronic conditions or disabilities. Nitschke stated to Adelaide Now:

It is expected the facility will be operational within a month, although a full service clinic would only be possible if the Bill passes through both both Houses of Parliament.

Yesterday Adelaide Now reported that Nitschke’s plans have harmed the case for legalizing euthanasia in South Australia. Adelaide Now reported.

MPs who support or are undecided about a law aimed at protecting doctors who accelerate the death of terminally ill patients believe his move could ensure the defeat of private member’s legislation put forward by Labor MP Stephanie Key…. Liberal frontbencher Duncan McFetridge, a co-sponsor of the Bill, said Dr Nitschke should have waited to see how the Bill fared in Parliament.

“It is not a Bill aimed at stand-alone so-called death clinics,” Dr McFetridge said. “He has not done this particular Bill any good at all. He is going to make it hard for us to get these people (possible supporters) back on side.”

Liberal backbencher Michael Pengilly, who had said he was unsure about supporting the Key Bill, said Dr Nitschke had “put back the case of the pro-euthanasia lobby”. “I think a lot of people who were undecided will now vote against it,” he said.

The sponsor of the bill, Steph Key made it clear how she feels about Nitschke when she stated:

“I’m an admirer of his”

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition published an Analysis of the South Australian euthanasia bill []. We found that:

The bill must be seen for what it is. It is a law that is designed to impose death on the most vulnerable in society. The bill is not concerned with the veneer of choice or autonomy because it is designed to give the power over life and death to physicians. This bill will turn healers into killers and it will redefine the nature of medical care in South Australia. The bill is a travesty of justice.

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