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Preliminary Hearing in Case of Woman Charged With Killing Pregnant Woman and Stealing Baby

by | Apr 21, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Kathy Coy, charged with murder and kidnapping of a minor

The issues we grapple with are difficult enough without adding still another layer of man’s—or woman’s—inhumanity to man, or, this case, unborn babies and their mothers. But so many people have emailed me the story of Kathy Coy, accused of using a stun gun to subdue a pregnant woman before killing her and cutting her baby boy out, I felt I had to write about the case. I will not get into some of the most gruesome details of what Coy is accused of doing to 21-year old Jamie Stice, whom (authorities say) was told by Coy they were going shopping for baby supplies.

Coy is accused of murder and kidnapping of a minor, Stice’s son, Isaiah. Charges were read yesterday at a preliminary hearing for the 33-year-old Coy in Warren District Court in Kentucky. Warren County District Judge Sam Potter sent the case to the grand jury.

“Coy’s public defender, Jim Gibson, objected to the preliminary hearing, saying Coy’s competency and mental state were uncertain,” the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Coy was arrested after arriving at a Bowling Green hospital with Isaiah, but with no signs of having given birth.

Detective Chad Winn was the only witness to testify during the preliminary hearing, which lasted only 30 minutes.

According to the AP, “Winn said there is evidence that Coy, who claimed to have had a miscarriage, planned to kill a pregnant woman and steal a baby. Winn said Coy approached her 13-year-old daughter in early April about taking part in such a plot. When the daughter balked, Coy passed it off as a joke, Winn said.”

Winn testified that Coy then approached her 14-year-old son who also refused to take part in a murder.

“After killing Stice and stealing the baby boy, Coy drove to the home of a friend and said she had given birth to the baby, Winn said,” according to the AP. “The friend told troopers that Coy was in a car, wearing no pants and sitting on the placenta while holding the baby, who had grass on him, Winn said.”

The Daily News reported that Coy met Stice on Facebook a few weeks ago. “Stice’s mother, Jeannie Stice, said last week that Coy struck up a conversation with Jamie Stice, telling her that she was also pregnant, a relative of one of Stice’s friends and employed by an organization that could help Stice obtain assistance with baby clothes and money,” according to reporter Deborah Highland. “Jeannie Stice believes that Coy had planned all along to take the baby, she said last week.”

Stice’s baby, Isaiah, is listed in good condition at The Medical Center.

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