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The Pro-Life Week in Review

by | Apr 29, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Why do I end the week’s editions of National Right to Life News Today with a “week in review” entry? Simple. I know how busy you are, and no doubt you’ve only had a chance to read some of the stories produced each day. I used this format to highlight a few of the best-received stories.

#1 is what we’ve written about “Baby Joseph.” The story of this precious young child and his brave family is also Part One for today as well as here and here

As it happens, the second most popular story this week was an obituary for singer Phoebe Snow . Her unfailing devotion to her child, born with severe brain injuries, is a testimony that moved many mothers (and fathers).

We ran story after story about progress we’ve made in state legislatures(; (; and Be sure to read the April/May issue of National Right to Life News for a complete update.

We always write a lot about Planned Parenthood, but even more so this week. To cite just a few–;; and

On a lighter note, we ran multiple stories about state winners who will compete in the National Right to Life Oratory contest (; and

And to list just one more area, we wrote extensively about what I called in one blog entry “Obama’s House of Cards” (;; and,

Have a great weekend and, if you can, catch up on stories you may have missed and share them through your social networks.

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