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Very Premature Baby Goes Home Healthy

by | Apr 25, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Frieda was born in November weighing jsut 460 grams

Last week I had literally just gotten home from a visit which including holding our five-month-old granddaughter for hours when I ran across a very brief news item headlined, “Youngest surviving premature baby released from hospital” in Germany. I would have been impressed and delighted anyway, but the news that “Frieda, now weighs in at a healthy 3,500 grams [a little over seven pounds] and is being sent home in Fulda near Frankfurt” meant something special after holding our own little one.

As I say the item was brief. We’re told only that Frieda was born in early November at 21 weeks and five days, was eleven inches in length, weighed just 460 grams [one pound], “and was not initially expected to survive.” She is thought to be the youngest surviving baby in Europe.

“Her life was hanging from a thread, but she fought through,” said Reinald Repp, director of the pediatric clinic at Fulda Hospital. She “should develop normally like any other child.”

The baby “was kept in a completely sterile environment, with her breathing assisted and fed through her navel,” Dr. Repp told the Telegraph newspaper. Unfortunately, her twin brother Kilian died a few days after being born, according to the German newspaper, Bild.

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