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2011 Pro-Life laws passed in Kansas

by | May 19, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. The following is adapted from a justifiably happy Kansans for Life report.


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signing a pro-life bill into law.

Abortions of unborn children who are capable of feeling pain are no longer legal in Kansas. The only exception is for an authentic life-threatening physical condition. (HB 2218)


Abortions in Kansas to girls under 18 years old must obtain consent of both parents, with some exceptions for single parents or irregular marriage situations. The court “bypass” of this consent has been altered to prevent it from “rubberstamping” the minor girl’s claim she is mature enough or that involving her parent(s) is against her interest. The bypassing judge may engage additional evaluation and is required to report suspected child abuse to the proper authorities. The pregnant woman and her family have a stronger standing to sue for illegal late-term abortions. (HB 2035)


Kansas hospitals, single-day surgical centers and private physician offices that do elective abortions must obtain an annual license, based on completed inspection and one additional unannounced inspection by Kansas Department of Health and Environment.  Each abortion must be performed by a state-licensed physician with local hospital privileges. Abortions by pills must be administered by, or in the presence of, a state-licensed physician (no “webcam abortions”).  Ultrasound is required, not optional, prior to an abortion and the woman may obtain a hard copy of the image. (H Sub SB 36)


Private health insurance may not cover abortions except for authentic “life-of-the-mother” situations. Insurers may offer individually-purchased riders for abortion.  Kansas has a “no abortion” policy for future “Obamacare” health exchange plans scheduled for 2014. (HB 2075)


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