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“Autos for Life”: A Ford Comes Full Circle!

by | May 13, 2011

By David N. O’Steen, Jr.

Over the years there have been great stories associated with National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund’s Autos for Life program.

One such story begins several years ago when a pro-life college student purchased a nice Ford Escort sedan that had been donated to Autos for Life by a pro-life family in Virginia. The student loved the car, and it served him well.

Unfortunately, one snowy morning two winters ago, the car was involved in an accident with a much larger SUV! Luckily, neither driver was injured, but the Escort was a total loss. The pro-life college student liked the car so much, that he bought another Escort to replace it.

Fast forward to earlier this year. The same college student is now studying for his doctorate, and works on the same campus where he attends class.

He also lives just a few minutes away from school, and realized that he did not need a car. After thinking it over, he decided to donate his replacement Ford Escort back to Autos for Life in appreciation of the work that we do, and for helping him get a car in the first place. This car was placed online for sale, and (in a fascinating twist) was bought by a pro-life crisis pregnancy center in Virginia for transporting their clients!

The reverend who is the president and CEO of the crisis pregnancy center was delighted; this car would be replacing the car that they had been using until its transmission went bad. This was a win-win for all parties involved, and is a great, full-circle pro-life story!

We need more great stories, and this is how you can help!

By donating your vehicle to the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund, you can help save the lives of countless unborn babies, and you receive a tax deduction for the FULL SALE AMOUNT!

Donated vehicles can be of any age, and can be located anywhere in the country! All that we need from you is a description of the vehicle (miles, vehicle identification number (VIN#), condition, features, the good, the bad, etc.) along with several pictures (the more, the better), and we’ll take care of the rest. Digital photos are preferred, but other formats work as well. You don’t have to bring the vehicle anywhere, or do anything with it, and there is no additional paperwork to complete. The buyer picks the vehicle up directly from you at your convenience!

Autos for Life needs your help in making 2011 a great year for the pro-life movement! If you or someone you know has a vehicle to donate, please contact David O’Steen, Jr., at (202) 626-8823 or Please join us in helping to defend the most defenseless in our society. Again, we thank youand the babies thank you!!!

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