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“Brain-Dead” Woman Recovering Nicely

by | May 13, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

These stories happen too often to be oddities or coincidences. Three days after her husband begged doctors to put in a breathing tube before switching off a ventilator at an Australian hospital, Gloria Cruz woke up.

Gloria and Tani Cruz

Mrs. Cruz, 56, is now alert and getting around in a wheelchair at the hospital. “She’s well on the way to recovery,” her husband, Tani Cruz, told Northern Territory News. “We have a strong faith and always believed that God would help us.”

Mrs. Cruz was rushed to Royal Darwin Hospital following a stroke she suffered while sleeping. She underwent brain surgery immediately after doctors read a CAT scan and concluded she probably had a brain tumor.

“The doctor didn’t elaborate,” Mr. Cruz said. “He just said I should prepare myself.” Following surgery, doctors told Mr. Cruz his wife’s case was “hopeless” and that she would probably die within 48 hours.

Mr. Cruz asked for a 48-hour respite when doctors recommended the ventilator be removed. “A miracle could still happen,” Mr. Cruz said.  He said he was again asked to agree to turn off the ventilator and “allow” her to die.

After two week, a breathing tube was finally inserted in Mrs. Cruz’s mouth and the ventilator was turn off. “Hospital staff were stunned when she woke from her coma three days later,” the Northern Territory News reported.

“It’s a miracle,” one doctor said. “And then he turned to Mr. Cruz and said: ‘I am happy that my prognosis was wrong.’”

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