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Mourning a Lost Generation

by | May 26, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

A colleague at National Right to Life was kind enough to forward a link to a small item that appeared on the website of the American Spectator magazine ( Nothing earth-shattering, but it makes you smile.

The Huffington Post is, shall we say, not in our corner. But it inadvertently posted a pro-life banner, reports Joseph Lawler. Here’s what he wrote:

Bold headline: “The Lost Generation.” The attached article is about college students struggling to find jobs after graduation. But wait a minute, what’s with the weird mortarboards of the students on the right? Here’s a closer look:

The feet and the cross on the motorboards, it turns out, represent unborn children at risk of being aborted. The image is taken from the 2009 University of Notre Dame “alternative commencement” of pro-life students who skipped Barack Obama’s commencement speech in protest of the Catholic school honoring a pro-choice politician. Students at both the alternative commencement and the normal commencement wore the special mortarboards to signify their objections to pro-choice policies.

In other words, the picture is of students mourning a “lost generation” — but not the one HuffPo had in mind.

By 10:14, someone at HuffPo had wised up, and a picture without the strong pro-life imagery had been substituted.

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