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Pro-abortionists angry and frustrated that more pro-lifers are offering more proposals and enjoying more success

by | May 27, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

It wasn’t the originality of  “Sonogram law gets extra attention while other issues linger,” a commentary that appeared this week in the Austin American-Statesman. It was rather that Jason Embry’s observations were so redundant, the same pro-abortion lament that we’ve heard since pro-lifers made massive gains in last November’s elections.

The nub is simple: “you” (meaning pro-lifers, most of whom are Republicans) have no “right”  to spend any time, let alone give “extra attention” on those social issues like abortion. Usually the explanation is either (a) that pro-life candidates didn’t talk enough about abortion (and therefore can’t bring up abortion), and/or even if they did, all the attention must be placed on the economy.

Gov. Rick Perry

Embry was particularly annoyed that pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry set the tone right out of the box. He declared passage of a sonogram bill to give abortion-vulnerable women a real opportunity to make an informed decision a legislative emergency. What that meant was that by dealing with the bill early, there would be time left at the end of the session when the inevitably delays, hurtles, and snafus crop up.

And because Perry did so, Texas now has a law that says that the abortion-vulnerable woman must be able to see an ultrasound at least 24 hours before an abortion is performed and that the abortionist must give “in a manner understandable to a layperson, a verbal explanation of the results of the sonogram images, including a medical description of the dimensions of the embryo or fetus, the presence of cardiac activity, and the presence of external members and internal organs.”

But the larger point for pro-abortionists, as I alluded to in the beginning, is not just that (in their opinion) pro-lifers didn’t sufficiently flag their dedication to abortion while they were running for office. Had those same pro-lifers talked about abortion 24/7, pro-abortionists would then criticize them for being Johnny one-note.

It’s just rhetorical camouflage to cover their anger and frustration that there are more pro-lifers offering more proposals and enjoying more success.

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