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The Influence an Athlete Can Have on a Discussion of Abortion

by | May 26, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

As the father of four pretty good athletes, I’m aware of the power that star athletes have on the minds of students—for good or for evil. That’s why I was delighted to be able to make my final—and very brief–post for National Right to Life News Today about a pro-life talk delivered by Chris Spielman.

Chris Spielman

You only have to be from the Midwest, not from Ohio specifically, to know the name of one of the great college linebackers of all time. The two-time all-American spoke yesterday on the campus of his alma mater, and the Lantern (the college newspaper of Ohio State University) wrote a very favorable article that appeared today.

[Clever lead: “As the all-time leading solo tackler in Ohio State history, former Buckeye Chris Spielman was accustomed to hearing the crowd roar after each hit. When Spielman tackled the issue of abortion on Tuesday night, however, you could hear a pin drop in the U.S. Bank Conference Theater at the Ohio Union.”]

Spielman spoke at what reporter Eric Taylor described as “the Pro-Life Day event.” Prior to that he talked to Taylor.

“I believe that all life begins at conception, and that every life is sacred,” Spielman said before the event. “That doesn’t mean I don’t sympathize with those who have to make agonizing decisions, but I just believe that each life has meaning and that no life is an accident.”

Spielman had a deeply personal involvement that it would be unfair to him—or to you—to paraphrase. Take a few minutes and read “Spielman tackles issue of abortion at pro-life event”.

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