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What we mean by the “Sacredness of Each Individual”

by | May 10, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

I grant you that there must be instances in my own life (like in everyone else’s life) where what is obvious in my behavior to everyone else on the planet completely escapes me. But having said that, sometimes my jaw just drops as I wonder if pro-abortionists can hear even a hum of the screaming inconsistency in what they say and write.

For example, someone by the name of D. Horne posted “Pro-Choice: Protecting the Rights of My Children” yesterday.  When I finished it, I came to the conclusions that part of the reason she may have written this blog entry was that it represents another step in the process she began earlier this year when in her memoir Horne revealed her own abortion “and unexpected motherhood at a very young age.”

Horne is quite correct in pointing out that it’s not just unmarried teenagers who have abortions. College students, professional women, married (or single) women with children have abortions.

It’s what she does with this sad truth that misses the point so badly. The common denominator, Horne tells us, is “individuality. The sacredness of each individual.  Every woman leads a life that is completely different from the life of every other woman.  Each is unique. Each woman is free to choose and determine her own path.  It is a right to be embraced and cherished.”

Of COURSE we are dealing with “The sacredness of each individual.” But if the life of EACH individual is sacred, that includes the born and the unborn. We ought not to be able to obliterate the millions of lives on the grounds that there are real individuals and…what exactly?

Horne finishes her piece with the classic take care of the planet before you worry about saving the lives of the unborn dodge. As it happens, many, many pro-lifers I know would fit the description/prescription Horne offers.

But taking the life of a defenseless baby in Iowa does nothing to save a baby in Mozambique. In fact, by teaching the lesson that you matter only if I say you matter, it adds another layer of calluses to our hearts.

What ought to be “embraced and cherished” is not our “individuality” but the little ones whom we have brought into existence and who depend not on the kindness of strangers but on the faithfulness of their own mothers and fathers.

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