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A Promise to Keep NRL 2011 Fresh and Alive

by | Jun 29, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Rev. Paul Stallsworth

Each year I face an enviable but seemingly irresolvable dilemma: how can I possibly do justice to National Right to Life’s annual convention with its 70+ workshops, four general sessions, Prayer Breakfast, and closing Banquet?

Well, this year I have decided that since so much of the material is timeless—teaching tactics, techniques, and conveying timeless truths—that I will use National Right to Life News Today over the next month or so to write about as many of these incredible times together as I can. I am rushed today, but starting tomorrow I am going to try to talk about at least one session every few days.

Some days I will write in depth about one workshop or general session. Another time about two or more.

For example, there are only two workshops that I have virtually never missed at least stopping by at. One—a traditional convention favorite of many, many convention goers–is “We are the Sheep….Where are the Shepherds?” How to activate reluctant pastors is a topic pro-lifers can never get enough of. I learned more tips, came away with more insights, and was made aware of more resources than I would have imagined possible.

You would think there would be nothing new, but you would be wrong. To offer just one illustration, the Reverend Paul Stallsworth offered a deft, insightful imaginary dialogue between “Dr. Denial, the pastor of a large church located in a wealthy suburb, and Ron Reality, the youth counselor at the same church.” Good stuff!

Vera Faith Lord, author of “Dirty Little Secrets—The Truth Behind the Door Called Choice”– offered a fascinating workshop titled, “The line in the sand.” Her synopsis read a “step-by-step plan to bring your frustrating middle-of-the-road friends over to the Pro-Life side.”

I have heard Vera’s personal testimony several times, and each time I was moved. In this workshop she weaved that into two other kinds of narratives to persuade the “mushy middle,” each designed to appeal to the heart as well as the head.

You get the point. Please read as many items in National Right to Life News Today as you can and pass them along to friends and family through your social networks.

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