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by | Jun 9, 2011

Late Wednesday, the North Carolina House of Representatives, by a vote of 71-48, passed H854, a bill that would ensure mothers are fully informed before undergoing an abortion procedure. The Abortion-Woman’s Right to Know Act protects a woman’s right to be fully informed prior to making the life and death decision of whether or not to have an abortion. It provides that she be given scientifically accurate information about the developing unborn child she is carrying and information on alternatives to abortion. It further provides for a 24-hour reflection period so that she has time to consider the information.

“We are thankful for our House of Representatives standing up for the rights of mothers to be able to make informed decisions,” said Barbara Holt, president of North Carolina Right to Life, who lobbied for passage of the bill.  “North Carolina has the responsibility to ensure that, as with any surgical procedure, scientifically accurate, unbiased information is given to any mother before making a life and death decision for her and her unborn baby.”

Working with North Carolina Right to Life, Representatives Ruth Samuelson and Pat McElraft sponsored the Abortion-Woman’s Right to Know Act in the House. Having passed the House with a firm majority, the Abortion-Woman’s Right to Know Act will now be considered by the North Carolina State Senate. Pro-lifers will continue to lobby and educate their Senators about the bill and the necessity for it in their state, and are optimistic of passage in the Senate.

“We are confident that our state Senators will follow the lead of their colleagues in the House and protect the rights of North Carolina women to be fully informed,” added Holt. “Outside the abortion context, informed consent requirements are common and non-controversial. It is only the abortion industry that wants women to make this decision in an informational vacuum.”

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