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Ohio Man Sentenced to 13 Years in Case of Attempted Forced Abortion

by | Jun 9, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Dominic L. Holt-Reid, an Ohio man who took his girlfriend at gunpoint to an abortion clinic and tried to force her to have an abortion, was sentenced today to  13 years in prison. He had pled guilty in April to attempted murder, abduction and illegally possessing a gun. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien told the Columbus Dispatch at the time that he would seek a prison sentence for Holt-Reid.

Dominic L. Holt-Reid

His trial was the first known prosecution in Ohio for the attempted forced abortion of an unborn baby, Holt-Reid pulled a gun on his pregnant girlfriend in October 2010 and threatened to shoot her and cause a miscarriage unless she drove to an abortion clinic, according to the Dispatch. Both mother and baby, who was later born safely, survived and are doing well.

The mother, Yolanda M. Burgess, had an older child with Holt-Reid and was pregnant with their second baby. Police alleged that they were in a car together October 6 after dropping their child off at school when Holt-Reid pulled a handgun and pointed it at Burgess, threatening that he would shoot her and cause a miscarriage unless she drove to an abortion clinic, the Dispatch reported.

Burgess had made an appointment for an abortion at Founder’s Women’s Health Center in Columbus, scheduled for that morning at 9 a.m. However, police documents stated that she told Holt-Reid that she changed her mind and did not want to abort the baby, according to the Dispatch.

After he threatened her with the gun, she drove to the abortion clinic. Once inside, however, she gave an employee a note and the employee called the police, WBNS-10TV reported.

The Ohio fetal homicide law has been used previously when the unborn baby died without the mother’s consent, but never before when the suspect tried to force the woman to have an abortion. “We’ve prosecuted cases where a fetus was a victim of the homicide several times,” O’Brien told the Associated Press, “but this is the first case like this that I’ve seen.”

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