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Reporting from the National Right to Life Convention: Part One

by | Jun 24, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Carol Tobias, President of National Right to Life, and Randall K. O'Bannon, Ph.D., National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund Director of Education and Research

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias opened NRL’s 41st annual convention this morning by reminding attendees, “The importance of preparing for next year’s elections cannot be overstated.” Addressing a responsive audience just prior to opening general session speaker Fred Barnes, Tobias told the crowd at the Hyatt Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida, “You are the voice of National Right to Life in your community and you ARE making a difference.”

One “difference” became clear when Tobias asked how many people were attending their first NRL convention: at least half!  The show of hands was greeted with a round of applause.

Tobias used the opening session to outline for the audience the amazing variety of educational workshops and general sessions that will be available Thursday through Saturday.

Under the rubric of the convention theme “Bringing America Back to Life,” Tobias talked about how NRL 2011 attendees will learn about the impact of abortion on women, men, and families; the link between abortion and breast cancer; how adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells, are already helping patients around the world; working with the media; the opportunities made possible by social media, such as Facebook and Twitter; state and federal legislation—to name just a few.

But Tobias paid special attention to ObamaCare. “Abortion and rationing are enshrined” in President Obama’s health care law, she said. Tobias explained how there whole new revenue streams created by ObamaCare which did not exclude abortion.

If those streams are not cut off, the “$363 million Planned Parenthood gets now in government grants and contracts will seem like peanuts,” she warned.

“We need everyone in this country to know how dangerous this law is.”

Tobias ended with several very encouraging pieces of news. A recent Gallup poll revealed that a total of 61% of the public said abortion should be illegal in all circumstances (22%) or legal in only a few circumstances (39%). She also cited the many laws that were passed in state legislatures around the country.

Tobias quoted from a pro-abortion leader who recently marveled at how young the pro-life Movement, admitting as well that her side was not. (This is a constant refrain from pro-abortion leaders.) Fortunately, for them, they are not attending the NRL convention with its large contingent of young people and a parallel Teens for Life convention.

Early in her remarks Tobias declared, “You are my heroes,” she said. Tobias ended her remarks with a moving story about how much difference one person can make.

It is the goal of NRL 2011 to maximize the impact of each  individual attendee by equipping these heroes to go back home more ready than ever to educate their neighbors and to elect men and women who respect the sanctity of human life.

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