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Abortion in America: 1980-1986

by | Jul 21, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President

At the beginning of the week I alerted you that “Pro-Life Perspective” was about to begin an important ten-part series on “Abortion in America.” On Monday and Tuesday I offered synopses of what NRLC President Carol Tobias said in the first two episodes. I will do likewise today for Part Three.

This series of five-minute broadcasts is proving to be an invaluable tutorial, especially, but not exclusively, for newcomers. A lot of what takes place today only makes sense in the broader context that Mrs. Tobias is providing.

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Today Carol Tobias deals with the years 1980 (when the Supreme Court upheld the Hyde Amendment in Harris v. McRae) through 1986 (when the High Court delivered its disastrous Thornburgh v. American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology but also the year William Rehnquist was elevated to Chief Justice and Antonin Scalia became an Associate Justice).

But of course pro-lifers remember 1980 best because the pro-life team of Ronald Reagan and George W.H. Bush carried 44 states in winning the White House.   Listeners to Carol Tobias’ broadcast today will learn that it was no accident that NRL PAC first  geared up in 1980 and that an amazing number of pro-life candidates—11—replaced pro-abortion incumbent senators.

The victory in November 1980 set the stage for President Reagan’s many pro-life initiatives in his two terms and helped pave the way for pro-life Vice President Bush to win in 1988.

During those seven years National Right to Life grew in stature and outreach, becoming unquestionably the pre-eminent right to life organization in the country.

Please take five minutes out and go to These broadcasts are pro-life education at its finest.

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