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Abortion in America: 1990-1992

by | Jul 23, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President

Today marks the end of week one—and the fifth of a ten-part Pro-Life Perspective’s series on “Abortion in America.” NRLC President Carol Tobias reminds her audience that the two-week-long series will give an overview of our efforts to protect innocent human life, the major milestones, and the history of the Right to Life Movement in America.

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The years 1990 through 1992 constituted the second half of the term of pro-life President George H.W. Bush. His immovable pro-life position was perhaps best illustrated when he said of the radically pro-abortion “Freedom of Choice Act” that FOCA “will not become law as long as I am President of the United States.” 

Indeed, it was President Bush’s vetoes—and his threat to veto legislation—that blocked many pro-abortion legislation from becoming law.

There is never any shortage of examples of the human toil abortion exacts. Occasionally there is a miracle. Mrs. Tobias talks of the remarkable case of Ana Rosa Rodriguez who survived a third-trimester abortion attempt by New York City abortionist Abu Hayat. The cost was one arm severed at Ana’s shoulder.

Almost as amazing as Ana’s survival was a four-part series in the Los Angeles Times in 1990 written by David Shaw. As Mrs. Tobias observes it documented widespread pro-abortion media bias.

“But it’s not surprising that some abortion-rights activists would see journalists as their natural allies,” Shaw wrote. “Most major newspapers support abortion rights on their editorial pages, and two major media studies have shown that 80% to 90% of U.S. journalists personally favor abortion rights. Moreover, some reporters participated in a big abortion rights march in Washington last year, and the American Newspaper Guild, the union that represents news and editorial employees at many major papers, has officially endorsed ‘freedom of choice’ in abortion decisions.”

Mrs. Tobias also talks about a gruesome abortion technique described by abortionist Martin Haskell at a National Abortion Federation seminar in September 1992. The abortionist delivers all but the head of a baby from her mother’s womb, her skull is pierced, and the contents of her brain suctioned out. National Right to Life was instrumental in passing a ban on partial-birth abortion which the Supreme Court upheld.

1992 ended with the unfortunate election of pro-abortion President Bill Clinton, which the media used as an excuse to write a virtual obituary for the Movement. In fact as 1993 began, “pro-lifers were more galvanized than ever.”

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