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Abortion in America: 1993-1994

by | Jul 26, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President

The ultimate short-term certificate that pro-lifers are taking advantage of a story is in their feedback sent here or if they take advantage of the resource on their own. Both are happening with NRLC President Carol Tobias’ ten-part series on “Abortion in America.”

Today starts Week Two, and as I did all last week, I am offering a brief synopsis of the program to help motivate you to listen to the five-minute-long program. (If you missed any episodes last week, you can dial them up at

The year 1993, of course, was the first of eight years under pro-abortion President Bill Clinton. Never did the importance of elections become more obvious quicker than when he occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January.

Clinton took the opportunity to throw mud in our face. Choosing the date of the annual March for Life, Clinton reversed years of pro-life progress. On January 22 he issued five executive orders reversing Title 10 regulations banning abortion referral by federal employees, repealing the Mexico City Policy restricting federal funding of international organizations that work to reverse countries’ abortion laws, negating the ban on funding for fetal tissue transplants, ordering military hospitals to perform abortions, and asking the FDA to “review” the import ban on RU 486.

Over the course of 1993 nothing was more important than the hand-to-hand combat over the “Freedom of Choice Act.” Clinton was bound and determined to use FOCA to vaporize even the narrow types of state abortion regulations permitted by the Supreme Court. At the time FOCA was introduced, pro-abortion Democrats controlled the Presidency and both Houses of Congress.

Just as commentators announced that the Right to Life Movement was “dead” following Clinton’s election, so we were assured that nothing could stop FOCA’s passage. By June, led by National Right to Life, the Movement stopped FOCA in its tracks in the House, one of the most stunning upsets in modern political history.

Fifteen months later Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell announced that the Clinton Health Care Plan (FOCA) would not be introduced in the U.S. Senate in the current session. A massive public education and lobbying campaign, led by NRLC, contributed heavily to the ultimate defeat of the Clinton proposal to force all Americans into a national health system that would have rationed lifesaving care and paid for abortion on demand.

There is much, much more that you will hear from Mrs. Tobias, including the amazing electoral turnabout in November 1994. Be sure to go to www.prolifeperspective and listen to any part you may have missed.

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