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More Bad Polling News for President Obama, Increased Support for “Generic Republican”

by | Jul 21, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama

Two days ago Gallup reported that 47% of registered voters now say they are more likely to vote for the ‘Republican Party’s candidate for president’ versus 39% for President Barack Obama, a whopping 8% gap. In other words nearly half the country says it will vote for anyone whose last name is not Obama.

Rasmussen Reports, which polls daily, reports today that 47% of likely voters said they would support a “generic Republican” as compared to 41% for President Obama, the lowest level yet.

In some ways worse news—and obviously inter-related—Rasmussen finds that barely a fifth (21%) of likely voters say the nation is headed in the right direction—matching the lowest level measured in Obama’s first two and one-half years.

Two other numbers from Rasmussen bare watching. Fifty-four percent at least somewhat disapprove of Obama’s performance while 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance—a ten point deficit.

But as habitually been the case, there are many more who strongly disapprove (41%) than strongly approve (24%). This gives Obama a minus 17 on what Rasmussen calls the Presidential Approval Index.

To double back to Gallup for a moment, the two-fold significance of this ABO (Anybody But Obama) response is that it is growing worse and that  Independents are turning away from the President

Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones writes that “Independent registered voters are currently more likely to vote for the Republican candidate (44%) than for Obama (34%), though one in five do not have an opinion.” That 10% gap is highly important in its own right as well as in light of “Republicans and Democrats show[ing] strong party loyalty in their vote choices, with Republicans showing somewhat stronger loyalty.”

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