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“Not Kept Silent” is a Powerful Post-Abortion Video

by | Jul 2, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Wrapping up a great week, I’d like to take exactly 119 more words to take about a pro-life music video. I ran across an email that had been sent to me earlier, but, regrettably, lost in the hundreds of emails I get daily.

The name of the video is also the name of the album: “Not Kept Silent,” by a new contemporary Christian band “Solomon’s Road.” You can watch the video—which I strongly encourage you to do.

I wouldn’t pretend to be a music critic, although to my untrained ear the sound is terrific. The video show the abortion experience literally in reverse. From the moment the young woman wakes up distraught and soon awash in tears back in time to when she first learns she is pregnant.

“Not Kept Silent” is a very powerful testimonial to regret, remorse, and a decision that cannot be reversed.

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