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Obama Faces Huge Uphill Climb in Florida

by | Jul 13, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

One last item to write before we post National Right to Life News Today for Tuesday. On anyone’s list of key states in the 2012 presidential sweepstakes, Florida will rank near the top.

We’ve written many times about pro-abortion President Obama’s overall dismal approval ratings, regularly in (at best) the high 40s, more typically in the low 40s. And the best index is almost always of likely voters.

Well a new Sunshine State News poll found that 38% of likely Florida voters approve of the president’s job performance  as compared to 54% who disapprove, an enormous 16% difference.

Obama carried the state in 2008 by 3%. Due to its growth in population, Florida now has 29 electoral votes, up from 27.

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