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ObamaCare Rationing 101, a’la NRL Academy

by | Jul 14, 2011

By Megan McCrum
Editor’s note. Megan McCrum is the director of the NRL Academy and has graciously agreed to post periodic updates of the students’ academic adventures. The NRL Academy is a 6-week summer education program that equips pro-life college student leaders with the tools & training to be even more effective in their pro-life work. 

Some NRL Academy students enjoy a quick study break. Photo courtesy of Hannah Trice.

The rationing problems in the Obama health care plan (ObamaCare) can be most succinctly understood by considering the law through four routes that will ration care. Are you familiar with these four problems? NRL’s Academy students certainly are. Students spent the entire Tuesday of this the week learning to explain exactly how the Obama health care plan will ration your family’s healthcare treatment if it is not repealed by sometime in 2014.

 Oh ObamaCare, how do thee ration? Let us count the ways:
  1. Through the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) the law will limit what health care providers can do to save the lives of your family members. NRL has a handy 1-pager on this provision and NRL President Carol Tobias explains it nicely in this video here.
  2. Through Medicare, the Obama health care law will limit senior citizens’ right to use their own money to save their own lives. Don’t believe it? Read more here.
  3. Through the state-based insurance exchanges, ObamaCare will limit your right to use your own money to save your family members’ lives. Here’s how.
  4. Finally, through “Shared Decision Making” the Obama health law will try to persuade patients that they are better off without treatment. The bias against treatment of many of the potential grantees for this program is incredible, see for yourself here.
* If you would like to share this primer on the topic with your friends, you may find this document quite useful  
Now that we’ve wrapped up our units on “health care”, “treatment ethics” and “physician assisted suicide,” what’s next on the NRL Academy agenda? 
Starting tomorrow, we move back to the beginning, learning about life in the womb. See “how we start” in this neat video.
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