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Shhhh! No Shouting Allowed

by | Jul 15, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

I mention what might seem like the ultimate inside baseball story because I think it tells us a lot about pro-abortion President Barack Obama, particularly his thin skin, and how that acute sensitivity might have an effect on mainstream media’s all-too-often servile treatment. If reporters actually begin to ask tough questions, who knows what might happen?

Pity Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney who used to be a reporter himself. Wednesday’s dustup with the White House Press Corps over coverage of the afternoon’s debt ceiling meeting with Congressional leaders stemmed from Obama’s dislike for having questions “shouted” at him. Huh?

According to a number of news accounts, Carney told the reporters that the last time they were allowed in such a gathering they shouted questions at Obama (a time-honored practice, by the way). So this time access would be limited to a still only “pool spray.” I had no idea what that was until I looked it up. It refers to a time at the top of a  meeting when pool reporters (those whose job it is to take photos for everyone and then share them) take rapid-fire still shots.

That got everyone’s back up. What about cameras and print reporters?

“I would remind you that the last time we had TV cameras in the meeting, it was less than 3 hours after the President had given a press conference, and people shouted questions at him, including people who had just had questions in the press conference,” Carney said. “So, the purpose of the meeting is not to create a circus, but to negotiate.”

You can imagine how well doing your job described as creating a “circus” went down with reporters. More back and forth, including more annoyance on the part of reporters —“ Are you telling us we can’t ask questions?”–and more avoidance by Carney. (You can watch here.)

End of the Obama honeymoon with the press? No. They may slap Carney around in the privacy of the White House press room but there is little evidence they are interested in vigorously challenging the President over his 37% approval rating for handling the economy or 46% personal approval rating. Not yet, that is.

I have argued for a year that Obama is in deep, deep trouble, in no small part because of the abortion-promoting, rationing-guaranteeing ObamaCare. Once reporters move past sniping at the field of Republican presidential contenders, there will be plenty of time to notice that the Emperor has no clothes.

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