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“We’re all just grown-up embryos”

by | Jul 30, 2011

By Megan McCrum, Academy Program Director

Dr. David Prentice of the Family Research Council with NRL Academy students and interns. Photo credit: Karen Cross.

This week the National Right to Life Academy enjoyed guest lectures by Dr. David Prentice, Senior Fellow for Life Sciences at the Family Research Council. Dr. Prentice refuted the misplaced hype surrounding embryo-destructive stem cell research and shared with the students the real (and numerous) success stories of treatments that come from ethical research on adult stem cells.

In practicum (the daily oral exercise in which students practice articulating the pro-life position they learned in class that day) students refuted the core arguments in support of embryo-destructive stem cell research. Here’s a sample:

Q: Why are you opposed to embryonic stem cell research? We’re talking about a bunch of cells smaller than the period at the end of a sentence?

A: Just because someone is smaller than you doesn’t mean they can be killed for research. An embryonic human is a tiny member of the human family, and we are all just grown-up embryos!

For more information on stem cell research visit

Check out the neat billboard campaign, You.Me.Everybody, by Irish pro-life group, Youth Defence.

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