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When Will Obama Reach Bottom?

by | Jul 29, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Just to keep you up to speed….another poll, another round of bad news for pro-abortion President Barack Obama. The latest is a national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted July 20-24 which finds the President just a single point ahead in a hypothetical match up with a “generic” (no names mentioned) Republican opponent.

Pews’ overview cuts right to the chase: “The sizeable lead Barack Obama held over a generic Republican opponent in polls conducted earlier this year has vanished as his support among independent voters has fallen off. Currently, 41% of registered voters say they would like to see Barack Obama reelected, while 40% say they would prefer to see a Republican candidate win in 2012. In May, Obama held an 11-point lead.”

The explanation is straightforward: “This shift is driven by a steep drop-off in support for Obama among independents.” Two months ago he was up seven points against a generic Republican, now he is down eight points among independent registered voters.

“This is consistent with a drop in Obama’s approval among all independents,” Pew writes. “Currently, a majority (54%) disapprove of Obama’s performance for the first time in his presidency. His approval among independents has slipped to 36% from 42% last month and 49% in late May.”

Thus it is no surprise that an anemic 31% of independent voters want to see him elected, Pew reports, “down from 42% in May and 40% in March.”

Remember that Republicans are almost uniformly opposed to the President and Obama’s support among liberals and even members of the African-American community has softened. Thus, he needs more, not less, support from people who identify themselves as Independents, if he is to be re-elected. And as we discussed yesterday as bad as his approval ratings are in national polls, they are even worse in “battlegrounds states,” states that are very much in play for both parties.

Stay tuned!

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