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A Contrast in Leadership: George W. Bush v. Barack Obama

by | Aug 17, 2011

NRLC President and PLP Host Carol Tobias

” When our founding fathers were creating this wonderful new country, John Adams wrote, “It has been the will of Heaven that we should be thrown into existence at a period when the greatest philosophers and lawgivers of antiquity would have wished to live …” As we move from the administration of one president to the administration of another, we’re wise to remember Adams’ words and celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we have the power —  and the right — to peacefully replace our leaders when they are acting against the greater good of the country.  In between, however  we very often face challenges and setbacks.  We need only look to the presidency of Barack Obama – which stands in stark contrast to the presidency of George W. Bush — to see the challenges we have faced as a movement.”

So observes National Right to Life President Carol Tobias in part 3 of “The Will of Heaven,” Pro-Life Perspective’s look at the records of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  Take just five minutes to listen in on the conversation at  And, help educate your friends and neighbors by sharing the link with them.

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