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A Moment of Stark Clarity

by | Aug 2, 2011

By Joleigh Little, Wisconsin Right to Life

Melissa Ohden

There are stand out moments in your pro-life walk that bring everything about what you believe front and center and highlight it in startling clarity.  I had one yesterday. 

There I sat in the middle of a severe thunderstorm, enclosed in a classroom packed with campers, camp team, and a few small people who are campers in training — one or two of them still in utero.  The storm was RAGING outside, but we were all pretty cozy inside — safe from the storm– but also quite comfortable and happy in that we knew we were surrounded by people who shared our passion for life. 

At the front of the room one of my favorite pro-life speakers was sharing her story.  Melissa Ohden survived a saline abortion late in pregnancy.  She is a beautiful, funny, articulate, passionate, and amazing person. 

The kids were spellbound and—as they say—you really COULD have heard a pin drop as she reminded them that out of millions who were killed, she is one of the very fortunate few who survived.

I happened to look up at that moment and realized that she was standing right in front of the wall where we have our baby faces display — a representation of the number of children killed by abortion every day in America.  There against the backdrop of more than 3,000 of the children who, like her, were targeted for death, stood this one miraculous reminder that EVERY life is precious, unique, and beyond value. 

Then Melissa brought the truth even further into focus by drawing our attention to her daughter, Olivia, who is three.  Had the abortionist who targeted Melissa carried out his plan to take her life, not only would Melissa not be here, but Olivia never would have been, either.

Talk about a moment of truth.  It’s so easy to forget among the numbers and statistics that EVERY SINGLE LIFE is priceless beyond measure.  That every child lost to abortion has a name and a face.  A personality.  A sense of humor.  Passion, talents, gifts and the absolute ability to change his or her world for the better.

I’m so grateful that my friend Melissa survived.  I’m even more thankful that she has chosen to lend her voice to the voiceless.  And that she’s raising her daughter to cherish life and speak up for those who are in danger. 

This delightful little girl, by the way, has a pretty vast doll collection, among which are several tiny 12-week fetal models.  They are all her “babies” and Olivia makes no distinction based on size or level of development. 

As she sat on the floor with two other little girls, wrapping our camp fetal models in scarves and rocking them, I realized something pretty important.  The storm may be raging outside — literally and figuratively — and when we leave this place we may face a lot of opposition, but…

The campers here, and even the little ones who are too young to understand the full impact of the arguments in defense of life, are going to stand strong even when the wind blows.

We are raising up a generation of kids who get it.  We are training them.  We are equipping them to speak the truth in love.  And because of that, we are winning.

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