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“Abortion Seems the Only Way Out for Me”

by | Aug 1, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

We’ve written often, and will more in the future, of how the International Abortion Movement is aggressively attacking pro-life laws in developing nations, including Africa.

“Pro-life laws in Africa are under constant attack and increasingly difficult to protect,” as Scott Fischbach wrote back in June. Mr. Fischbach is executive director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL).

It was with the knowledge of how difficult it is to restore legal protections once they are lost that MCCL began its Global Outreach or GO! program nearly two years ago.

I thought of that outreach when I read the response in a Zambian outlet ( to a young high school girl. It is a common story, unfortunately. The boyfriend is not returning phone calls and the girl does not wish to burden her mother, who is a single parent. “Abortion seems the only way out for me.”

She signs herself “Desperate.”

There are many ways to respond to such a plea for help. This one begins with the simple fact that elective surgery, any elective surgery, has risks. Whoever it is that is answering calmly, factually lists the risks and complications of having an abortion.

It is an impressive—and depressing—list that falls into three categories:

·         Immediate health risks

·         Risks to future pregnancies

·         The Psychological effects of Abortion

When laid out in black and white—everything from laceration of the cervix through and an increase in pre-term delivery to a host of psychological aftershocks—it is a formidable list of reasons why abortion is not the right answer.

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